Boxed Lunches

A Little History and Our Name

Our establishment is situated on an interesting piece of history from St. Charles past. From about 1880's through to prohibition Main St. ended where we are at 2nd street, at our end was situated a few saloons and a general store. Workers would board the trolley at the river from the factories, it would then continue to be drawn west to make the turn where our building is today. When the trolley started to make the turn to return eastbound, workers would exit the trolley, hit the saloons for a couple quick shots, exiting in time to re-board the trolley as it headed back east. The conductor would call out the turn, and for that period of time this spot was called "Whiskey Bend". It is from this the "The Bend General Store" was derived. Our establishment is a nod to when times rolled a bit slower, while paying homage to the amazing history of St. Charles. We are two businesses in one, an old school deli featuring the finest imported meats and cheeses with bread delivered daily, and an import grocery store featuring primarily Italian products. We will also be featuring select wines, primarily from Italy and France, as well as small batch spirits from near and far, some extraordinary finds! Please stop in to enjoy our fare, additionally we have a box lunch program delivering to your business, as well as catering/sandwich trays to your home. Always keep our moto in mind:

"Vai piano e gusta!"
Slow down, enjoy!

Sundries Samples

• Sorrento Oranges Jam
• San Nicola Dei Miri Preserves
• Fabbri Gelato
• Fabbri Bread Paste
• Toscana
• Mieli Thun Acacia
• Mieli Thun Orange Blossom
• Prosciutto di San Daniele
• Principe Parma Prosciutto
• NDUJA Spread
• Bella Lodi Cheese

This is a teaser list only, just list some products or we can add some highlighted products here. What's New or Specials!